Goal Setting for Success: Volume 1 (Personal Development for Beginners)

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You can transform your life by setting goals Does your personal development program include setting goals but somehow you never reach them? Are you struggling with career goals of life goals? Do you aim for the stars but somehow never get close, not even with your short term goals? “Goal Setting for Success” (Personal Development book 1) is based on tried and tested scientific principles that have helped millions of people build the lives they want. The goal setting theory has been condensed and simplified into an easy-to-use series of steps and you will learn how to set and achieve goals by: – Discover for which life area(s) you want to set goals. – Understand the requirements of a well-structured goal and make setting goals a breeze. – Recognize which goals will work for you and which won’t. – Take action so that your professional, business or life goals become reality and your life improves exponentially. – Review your progress and adjust your goals where required. – Deal with the curve balls life throws you so that they don’t get in the way of your goal setting and personal development. Taking Consistent Action is Key to Changing your life Creating meaningful goals for yourself becomes easy once you know how. Actually achieve career and life goals irrespective of what they are by “following the simple, practical steps outlined.” Do your career goals include having your own profitable business that will bring fame and success? Do you desire financial independence and personal freedom? Is one of your life goals to improve your relationships and make them more fulfilling? All of these are within your reach. Goal setting theory has never been made this easy and practical. Goal setting is an essential element of personal development. Take action now and change your life forever!

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