The Ultimate Weight Loss Programme Long and short term goals By Sabir Miah : I lost over 2 stones within 3 weeks!

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In this eBook, I will show you my exact methodology on how I lost over 2 stones within 3 weeks. I want to share my weight loss experience with you, both long and short term. It all started from my short term weight loss success during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The sport that I participated in was Taekwondo which is governed by the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). This martial art was created and used as self-defence in South Korea and also became an Olympic sport in 1988 when the demo was played. In a competition, before any fight, the athlete begins the day by extreme fasting (no eating or drinking) so that the athlete can complete the weigh in, in order to be put into weight division class. A weigh in is required for every taekwondo competition so that each fighter is put into different divisions. It’s the same with Boxing, Muay Tai, Kickboxing, Judo, Karate and maybe some more martial arts that participates at a competitive level. After the weigh in is completed, then the athlete will fight in that specific weight division. The commonwealth games were approaching close and I hadn’t even started my weight loss training. I always told myself that, ‘I will start it next week’, but I failed to do so, and repeated that same mistake on the week after. This went on until it came to a point where there were only three weeks left until the actual commonwealth games and I started to panic. Letting myself down during that time was one of my biggest regrets, however it gave me the willpower that led me to this crazy weight loss programme! I was filled with so much pride that I got into the first Welsh commonwealth team, and my crazy, busy life got in the way and made me forget how serious that was for me. I wasn’t committed to that competition, which happened to be the biggest event I’ve ever been too. As the three week’s were approaching, only then it sunk into my brain that I had to get down to the correct weight to fight in that weight division. In those three weeks, I performed extreme training and dieting. After three weeks of Hell, I went from 75kg right down to 60kg. I lost 15 kg, which is over 2 stones and I didn’t feel ill, dizzy, nor did I feel weak. This also put me into the -63 category weight division that I was aiming for to participate. I felt strong throughout my weight loss programme and my diet plan was healthy and filling, I didn’t starve one bit! Bet you’re curious how I did it?!

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