The Healthy Individual: A goal reaching guide to become the best version of yourself

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Do you have unrealized goals? You know those goals you set for yourself that kind of just became less and less realistic as life presented more and more challenges? We all have ideas and thoughts that we never get a chance to pursue, usually because life gets in the way and we have to be “realistic”. Well the goal of this book is to allow the reader to rid themselves of limiting beliefs and explain how nearly any goal is attainable by manifesting the results you want by creating good habits. Now with a vague goal like “getting rich” you’re probably better suited elsewhere but in the case you want to develop your identity and experience the life you want for yourself and the ones around you, you may be reading the right description. This book consists of 19 chapters that will provide excellent guidance as you figure out what you want and how you will get there. I believe this is valuable because we all have things that we want that our mind instantly deems impossible so we don’t even try. This is a serious and soul-crushing mistake. The healthy individual will explain the mindsets that will bring you closer to your goals and even provided guided courses of action to take. Read with an open mind!

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