How To Set BIG Goals And Achieve Them – 6 Steps To Set Goals That Motivate You & Keep You On Track (Habit Breakthrough Series Book 3)

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DISCOVER: The ‘Twist’ On Goal Setting For Goals That Motivate and ‘PULL’ You, Instead Of Goals You Need To ‘PUSH’ To Achieve…

    And most importantly, how to make sure the ‘Journey’ to your goal is one worth taking…

  • Do you wake up in the morning excited to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the day, or do you have to drag yourself out of bed?
  • Have you heard a lot of talk about the effectiveness of goal setting, but whenever you set goals you’re usually disappointed?
  • Do you feel like you’re ‘just going through the motions’ 90% of the time? Do excitement and opportunity come around only once and a while?
  • Do you spend most of your life helping others to achieve their goals, without going after your own?

Some people dream of better personal lives, better jobs, or better health.

Unfortunately, these dreams will remain just dreams for most of them.

But what if you could apply a slight ‘Twist’ to the way you set goals that would make you energized and motivated toward achieving them?

Goals should be useful.

They shouldn’t just be words on a page, but they should change your behaviour and day-to-day habits.

During my research I started to see a pattern of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs who credit goal setting with their success…

…But goal setting had never worked for me. Even a bit.

That is, until I learned that I wasn’t setting goals the right way.

You see, I didn’t understand that goals are a TOOL for motivation and passion, and nothing more…

Here’s what you’ll discover in this 6-Step Checklist:

  • A process to setting goals that come from your true values, beliefs and desires, so you don’t go after something that isn’t ultimately fulfilling. (If you haven’t set goals yet, consider yourself lucky… Most people fall into random goals life chooses for them. You now have the opportunity to design a life you want.)
  • The 4 Sources of Energy that high performance execs & CEOs use to ‘fully engage’ life.
  • How to set goals using a simplified S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method (It’s credited to the management principles of Peter Drucker… But was originally meant for corporate management, so there’s that ‘Twist’ I mentioned that can make them twice as effective for personal development)
  • The secret formula to creating an Action Plan to go after your goals that allows you to make progress from day 1
  • How to turn your action plan into ‘automatic’ habits you can continually refine. When you do this, progressing towards your goal becomes easier & easier (Most book son Goal Setting don’t even skim the surface of this one – and it’s the most important part!)
  • The reason why it’s easy to give up on goals and become demotivated, and how to create motivation and passion for any goal you choose to pursue.
  • How to find the activities you can be passionate about. No more waiting to ‘find’ the thing you love in life.
  • How to use structure and accountability to make sure you follow through on your goals (where to find coaching, how to use accountability partners, and the best Apps to keep you on track toward any goal)
  • Bonus Download: “The Skill Proficiency Crash Course” – 10 Steps To Learn Any Skill Quickly. You’ll need to learn new skills for most of your goals, and here’s exactly how to do it fast.

…plus much more, inside.

See for yourself how SMART Goals can change the trajectory of your life, & your Passion for living on a day-to-day basis:

Grab your copy of SMART Goal Journey now, while it’s still here at Amazon at a low price.

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– Rich

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