THE INTROVERT PERSONALITY: The advantage of introverts in an extrovert world (Introvert Personality Series)

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As an introvert, I have always found it challenging to relate to those around me and socialize with a world that seems to constantly exalt and praise extroverts. I have always felt as if I needed to mask my personality as a way of not ‘putting people off’. Yet, I have always known that being an introvert did not make me in any way inferior or handicapped. I was just ‘different’. So I set out to find out more information about the introvert personality and was pleasantly surprised to discover that being an introvert has advantages and disadvantages just like being an extrovert does. Furthermore, I found that in many situations being more reserved can be very advantageous. And I also discovered that many of the greatest minds in history were, just like me, introverts. I, thus, wrote this simple book to share my findings with other introverts like myself who might want to dig in a little deeper into this subject. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it and help you shed a bit more light on the introvert vs. extrovert personality.

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