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The Baram Venture
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The Baram Venture

The Baram Venture
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When There Are Armies Gathered For Invasion, Hermits Foretelling Prophecies and Wizards Planning on Taking Over The World, Two Unlikely Heroes Emerge

When Elves and Humans worked alongside each other, struggling to find meaning in the changing world around them, magic, greed and power threaten to destroy civilisation as they knew it

Excerpt - "Night closed around the two travellers like a falling blanket of black cotton wool. The wisps of evening mist danced and teased before them, vanishing like a gypsy dancer when the travellers got too close. The sun had only just finished weaving its way through the thick trunks and canopy of trees that had been their shelter for three days, and the sudden plunge into darkness seemed even more dramatic because of it.

A heavily wooded region this part of the Kingdom of Taron was reputed to be, and there was no evidence to challenge that belief here, except a slight thinning of the trees as a villagers’ evening lanterns filtered their light softly through the maze of trees, providing a beacon for the weary travellers to follow."

Thought provoking and yet endearing, the characters are real, the setting is believable and the underlying messages are poignant.

A fantasy adventure that has violence and sexual innuendo. Not suitable for pre-teens.
Using their guile and wit, fighting their emotions and cultural belief, in a struggle to do the right thing, Halon & Saldon, with their mysterious allies, fight the madmen and try to restore order to the world in turmoil.

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