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How To Use Social Media in Financial Services
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How To Use Social Media in Financial Services

How To Use Social Media in Financial Services
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Using Social Media in Financial Services Compliantly and Effectively

Social Media has been avoided by many Financial Services Companies due to the complexities of monitoring it's use.

Until now, monitoring incoming and outgoing messages, directing complaints and inquiries effectively as well as ensuring that employees do not say the wrong thing to the wrong people, or worse, do it publicly.

Even up to 2012, the different programs and systems needed were prohibitive for all but the largest of companies, due to cost, but that has now radically changed.

Why would anyone in Financial Services not want to use Social Media?

  • Social networking demographics are extremely attractive to all businesses

  • Social networking demographics are especially favourable to financial services companies

  • Social Media offers great opportunities to interact with clients and distributors

  • Social media offers tremendous opportunities to grow market share and ultimately profits

  • Social networks are the preferred method of communication by an increasing number of people under 35 and over 50


Facebook which is by far the largest and most popular social network with roughly 33 million users as of late 2012 boasts nearly 84% of its users are between 18 and 64 and has 73% of its members earning more than £25,000.

Man social networking sites only allow a single log-on, and when that is used by ore than one person, how do you compliantly identify who said what from which PC? 
Undoubtedly there is tremendous potential to use social media to extend the reach, relationships, brand awareness and affinity for banks and other financial services providers brands with all generations that represent future and emerging customer segments. B2B businesses who blogged just 16 to 20 times per month got 3 times more sales leads than those who didn’t blog. B2C businesses who blogged just 16 to 20 times per month got over 4 times more sales leads than those who didn’t blog.
The main concern of all of the challenges is the need to stay compliant with new and emerging regulatory compliance and compounded with security requirements and developing robust corporate policy mandates surrounding social media. It is now possible with fully scalable software that can be deployed to use your internal (for greater privacy) or the external cloud facilities that abound; many are better security protected than credit cards and even military encryption!

Even If You Do Not Want To Use Social Media, You Need To Know What People May Be Saying About Your Company

Protect Your Reputation Today

If you are in Financial Services and have kept away from Social Media because you were cautious about the domestic regulations, you can discover what, where, when and most importantly how you can use Social Media in Financial Services in this Ebook, TODAY!

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