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6 Major Secrets to Handling Objections
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6 Major Secrets to Handling Objections

6 Major Secrets to Handling Objections
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We are all in Sales; even if we don't sell. You need to know how to overcome objections in all walks of life

In this Book I will show you

Why Objections Occur and How To Prevent Them
Identifying What The Real Objection Is
How To Deal With Price and Cost
And much more ...

In the preparation of this booklet I have been reading up on some of the industries finest white paper jockeys and their take on the sales process most uncomfortable situation – objections. I must admit that if my clients were brain dead automatons then the advice I have been reading is probably very good, as long as the automatons have been given the same script to follow. 

Quite honestly a lot of the advice, although well meant, deals with aspects of “handling” the objection as if you had never done any ground work with the client at all. It assumes you have just marched into the client’s office, thrown your proposal in front of them and announced the price! 

Lets stop pretending that salesmen are superhuman and that client's are stupid. We are operating in the 21st Century where respect and joint perceptions solve issues and challenges. Lets learn how to deal with buyer's properly.

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