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5 Golden Secrets to Running a Fee Based Consultancy
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5 Golden Secrets to Running a Fee Based Consultancy

5 Golden Secrets to Running a Fee Based Consultancy
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Are You An Entrepreneur With A Business Idea, Looking To; Prepare Your Business Plan, Find a Business For Sale or Franchise; Venture into Consulting?

You May Know How To Start A Business, Write Your Business Plan And Grow Your Business Idea, But If You Are A Consultancy, How Do You Operate On A Fee Basis?

Usually by accident many people will find themselves in a role they would describe as consultancy. I don't intend going through the many ways that people find themselves in this position but with big business hell bent on downsizing, retrenching or consolidating many people find themselves with a broad range of skills but no employer to benefit from them directly. Many of these people will then look to agencies, recruitment consultants, and even established consultancies looking for work. This in itself does not make them a consultant, simply an independent contractor. There is nothing wrong with being an independent contractor, however to purport to be a consultant could be opening themselves up to an immense liability regarding not only their reputation, or validity of their PI insurance but also technically falling short of the requirements that a consultant should fill, as I will describe later. In this booklet I will show you the five golden areas of establishing a fee-based consultancy which are;

  • what is a consultant;
  • what are you offering;
  • Using subcontractors;
  • establishing a fee per project; and,
  • understanding the need to provide a value bridge

Bonus Section – How To Identify The Real Buyer

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