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eSmart On Becoming a Consultant
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eSmart On Becoming a Consultant

eSmart On Becoming a Consultant
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An Email Learning Course Designed for Anyone Who Knows They Can Do A Better Job and Control Their Own Destiny. Even If You Are A Consultant And Want To Do Better, Or Simply Want To Know How To Handle Your Bosses And Sell Your Ideas To Them Effectively, This Course Is For You. 

Or If You Are Already a Consultant

  • You Are Ready to Take Your Business To The Next Level
  • You Want To Get Your Business Built 24/7 Even While You Sleep
  • You Want To Get Ahead Of Your Peers As We Emerge This Recession
  • You Are Looking To Focus On ALL Your Opportunities And Improve Your Profits
  • Need To Make The Time Easily And Effectively To Further Your Business At All Levels

  If you have had it with being a full time, under-valued dogsbody who is treated poorly and know they are worth so much more, then what are YOU going to do about it? The answer for many is to become a consultant! doyoreallywant

Starting up as a new consultant and taking consultancy work is not the same as full time or contractor type work, where you are paid to occupy some office space for set amounts of time and there are a thousand and one things necessary to run your own consultancy 2013-05-23_16h54_03

I am Lee Werrell, an Internationally Published Author, A Magazine Columnist, Management Consultant and Social Media Specialist. I have over 25 publications available from online bookstores. I have been providing a consultancy service since 1995 and have made many mistakes in that time, but I learned from them..... and now you can too! In This Course You Will Be Sent Course Material By Email Over The Next 6 Months. This material will contain all the information you need to start realising your ambition. Inside the PDF will be templates and FAQs, diagrams, examples, exercises and other interesting materials that explain, demonstrate and teach you the best ways to be a Consultant, wherever you are in your career and whatever industry you are in. In this course I will share with you everything you need from scratch to become successful "On Becoming A Consultant" This course will be delivered in eight session sent every 3 to 4 weeks to enable you enough time to conduct your exercises and practice some of the tips and tricks I will share with you. It is not specific to any particular discipline and is open to any industry. Those who choose to provide me with details of their successes, no matter how large or small, will receive permanent advertising in the form of appearing with full business contact details (subject to final selection) in an EBook I will then write, to add to the 29 I already have published on Amazon and other places.


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I will also send you Free Selected Copies of My EBooks, Including the Highly Successful "How To Quickly Master Time Management" selling at £13.99!

90-moneyback_t  Just Click on the PayPal Link to order. guarantee-aqua-01 100% Money Back Guarantee 


Let me share with you the contents of this value packed and intensive course. Just Click on the button at the foot of the page to order. Session 1 will cover issues of;    

    • Your Expectations And How To Put Them In Perspective
    • The Three Main Learning Areas
    • Image Is Everything: Your Branding
    • Understanding The Power Of The Internet
    • Building Your Reputation And Generating Leads
    • and more ...

     Session 2  will cover issues of;    

    • Establishing Your Online Presence
    • Setting Up Your Office
    • Physical Requirements
    • Sharing Office Space
    • Sharing Work And Money
    • Office Equipment And Communications
    • Casual Help
    • Business Travel
    • Branding: A Professional Image
    • Your Web Presence: Stage 1
    • Marketing Matrix Development
    • and more ...

     Session 3  will cover issues of;    

    • Your Marketing Plan
    • Expanding Your Skill Set And Influences
    • Developing Your Referrals
    • Identifying Your 5 Strategies
    • Establishing the Methodologies For All Eventualities
    • Press Kit & Press Releases
    • Webinars and Demonstrations
    • How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog Site
    • and more ...

     Session 4 will cover issues of;    

    • Your Web Presence: Stage 2
    • Advertising and Networking
    • Exploiting LinkedIn Groups
    • Managing the Gate-Keepers
    • Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Riches
    • Initiating Your Sales Magnet
    • Finding The Person With The Authority
    • Using NDAs
    • and more ...

     Session 5 will cover issues of;    

    • Your Social Media Plan in 15 Minutes per day
    • The Seven Steps To Project Start
    • Publishing Books and Other Documents
    • Getting Media Interviews and Raising Your Profile
    • Doing Pro Bono Work
    • Keeping in Touch
    • and more ...

     Session 6 will cover issues of;    

    • Passive Advertising
    • Politics in the Workplace
    • When to Say No and When to Let Go
    • Objection Handling
    • Making Breakthrough Relationships Happen
    • How To Get A Trail of Yes's
    • Getting That All Important Agreement
    • Why You Don't Quote Daily Rates
    • Writing Winning Proposals
    • Client Strategy Formulation
    • and more ...

     Session 7 will cover issues of;    

    • Fine Tuning Your Strategy
    • When To Follow Up
    • Why You Might Need To Get Face To Face
    • What If They Say No?
    • What If They Don't Say Anything?
    • Starting: Day One
    • Focus Groups and Interviews
    • Intro to Effective Project Management
    • and more ...

    Session 8 will cover issues of;    

    • Elements of Culture
    • Rules of Engagement
    • How To Avoid Client Sabotage
    • Ways To Increase Your Fees Subtly
    • Additional Staff: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • Long Term Potential And How To Leverage It
    • Professional Growth
    • When To Start Consulting
    • Quick Set-Up: Hit The Ground Running and the Essentials
    • Further Resources
    • and more ...

    The entire course will be sent to you via email over a 6 month period. The work involved in each session will vary between 4 and 12 hours for the sessions, so you need to commit not only time but also your money by selecting the buy now button below.  So We Will Cover ; WillSuummary  Interested In Committing To Me? Interested In Committing To Yourself?

Only 15 14 12 8 6 5 Places Now Available


guarantee-aqua-01 Only £999.99 Inc VAT      

I Can Promise You Maximum Content and Maximum Results If You Follow The Exercises Thoroughly!

bonus (1) Email access to me to ask questions throughout the course.   Yes, exclusive access to me to ask additional questions about anything related to the course.

img-limited-offer All This For Only £999.99 And We Will Give You Your Money Back If No Benefit Is Seen 

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